Robert Suarez

Firefighter Alexander Rousseau (Source: Miami Fire Rescue)

Firefighter Fired, Accused Of Possessing Child Porn

A Miami firefighter arrested on charges possessing and receiving child pornography, faced a judge Wednesday.


(Source: CBS4) Miami Fire Rescue Truck

Firefighter Exam Results Go Up In Flames

Smiles and frowns broke out on Tuesday after a group of prospective firefighters received news about a major mess-up in the grading of their exams.

CBS Miami–05/29/2013

(Source: AP)

Miami Commissioners Slam Managers Over Budget Surprise

Commissioners were steaming, less than a day after learning that Miami finished the fiscal year with a budget surplus of some $45 million. That’s a figure nearly six times what managers had previously reported.

CBS Miami–11/15/2012


Miami Budget Approved, Officials May Still Declare “Financial Urgency”

Once again the City of Miami is considering declaring a ‘financial urgency’ as it looks to the budget for the next year.


(Source: CBS4) Miami Fire Rescue Truck

Miami Firefighters Table Vote On Regalado Recall Effort

Late Wednesday night the fire union tabled a scheduled vote on the recall attempt so the leadership could provide more information to the members.