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Legislators Fight To Avoid Testifying In Redistricting Case

Should legislators who draw up the districts that will help keep them in office be forced to testify about how they came up with the district?

CBS Miami–09/16/2013

Florida Capitol

GOP Wants Challenge To State Senate Redistricting Map Tossed

The Republican-led state Legislature wants a legal challenge to redistricting map of the Florida Senate thrown out.


Washington, DC (Photo credit: SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

Opinion: Billions Are Being Spent On This Election, But Will It Change Anything?

For all the billions spent by the Obama and Romney campaigns, Republican and Democratic parties, and countless outside groups, we may wake up November 7th to a Washington that is virtually unchanged.


Voting booths (Photo by Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images)

Opinion: Mess In Texas

In Texas Republicans have taken efforts to restrict access to voting a step farther. Texas Republicans are calling for the repeal of the Voting Rights Act.


(Source: CBSMiami) Florida Senate Redistricting Map, original version

Fla. Supreme Court Approves New Florida Senate District Plan

The Florida Senate is breathing a collective sigh of relief Friday morning, after learning the Florida Supreme Court signed off on the Senate’s revised re-districting plan. That means all Fl0rida Senate districts are now official, and candidates can file to run within them.


(Source: CBSMiami) Florida Senate Redistricting Map, original version

Fla. Supreme Court Convenes Once Again To Discuss Redistricting

After months of debate, the Florida Supreme Court once again took up legislative redistricting Friday.


Florida Capitol

Redrawn Fla. Senate Map To Be Submitted To High Court

A redrawn Florida Senate re-districting map is being sent to the state’s highest court.


(Source: CBSMiami) Florida Senate Redistricting Map, original version

Florida House Approves New Senate Redistricting Plan

After a debate that lasted barely an hour, the Florida House approved a new Senate redistricting plan over the objection of minority Democrats, who argued the play was little better than a plan rejected by the Florida Supreme Court.


(Source: CBSMiami) Florida Senate Redistricting Map, original version

Senators Eye Changes New Redistricting Bill May Bring

With the new Senate maps expected to easily pass the House next week, before the March 30th end of the special session, lawmakers in the upper chamber and potential candidates for those seats are beginning to evaluate their electoral futures. A number of South Florida Senators could be affected.


(Source: CBSMiami) Florida Senate Redistricting Map, original version

FL Senate Panel Delays Redistricting Vote By One Day

The well-organized Senate redistricting process that produced a bipartisan vote for the first draft of the chamber’s map now appears to be fraying, with Republican infighting prompting the majority to delay a committee vote on the plan that was scheduled for Tuesday.