Red Light Runners


State High Court To Take Up Red Light Camera Fines

Drivers fined after they were caught on camera running a red light may be in for a refund down the road.


Florida License Plates

Scott, Florida Cabinet Consider New License Plates

There could be a change on the way for Florida license plates that could make it easier for the state to fine toll and red light runners.


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Red Light Cameras Go “Live” In West Park Next Month

Drivers in West Park will soon have to slow their roll when they see the light turn yellow. Beginning March 9th, red light cameras will go live at five intersections in the city.


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Fla. Appeals Court Upholds City Red Light Cameras

Red light cameras have received a green light from a Florida appeals court which has has upheld the right of cities to use cameras to catch and fine motorists who run red lights.


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Davie May Put Brakes On Red Light Camera Program

The town of Davie is expected to decide this week if they will go forward with their red light camera program.


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Red Light Cameras Go “Live” At Five Coral Springs Intersections

Lights, Camera…Fine,.Cameras at nearly a half a dozen Coral Springs intersections set to catch drivers who run red lights began snapping pictures on Monday.



Judge: Cops Can No Longer Ticket Red Light Runners

A double standard has led a Broward judge to rule that police can no longer ticket drivers caught running red lights.


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No More Warnings For Red Light Runners In Pembroke Pines

The City of Pembroke Pines is no longer going to give red light runners a warning. Last month, four new red light cameras were activated but police allowed drivers time to get used to the new cameras and only gave warnings to violators, until now.


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Red Light Cameras Go Live In Doral Next Week

Jumping on the ‘red light’ camera band wagon, the City of Doral will begin taking photos of red light runners next month as part of a new “Save A Life” program – a program which some say is merely another way to generate extra revenue for the city.


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Red Light Cameras: Not The Promised Cash Cow

Pembroke Pines city leaders have found out that red light cameras set up at four intersections throughout the city aren’t the cash cow they originally thought they would be.