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The Broward Sheriff's Office raided a suspect pill mill in Pompano Beach. (Source: CBS4)

Suspected Pill Mill Raided In Pompano Beach

Broward Sheriff’s deputies and a SWAT team raid the offices of a pain clinic in Pompano Beach Tuesday morning which they suspect was operating as a ‘pill mill’.



DEA: Florida No Longer Pill Mill Capital

After being known as the nation’s “Pill Mill Capital,” Florida’s top drug enforcement agents say that is no longer the case.


Prescription Pills

CVS Won’t Fill Some Doctors’ Pain Prescriptions

The CVS pharmacy chain has fired the latest shot in Florida’s pain pill epidemic.


(Source: Miami-Dade Corrections) Dr. Mark Sachs

Dade Doc Accused Of Peddling Oxycodone

A south Miami-Dade doctor is behind bars charged with three counts of trafficking in oxycodone and running an unlicensed pain management clinic.


Pill Mill Crackdown

32 Indicted In Broward Pill Mill Crackdown

Thirty-two people in Broward and Palm Beach County were indicted Tuesday in a pill mill take down that targeted four alleged pain management clinics.


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Miami-Dade Ordinance Cracks Down On Pain Clinics

Miami-Dade County is getting tough on pain clinics that operate in the county. Tuesday, the Commission approved an ordinance that requires all pain clinic owners in Miami-Dade to register their clinic with the Department of Consumer Services.



7 Charged In Fort Lauderdale Pharmacy Pill Mill Case

Seven people are charged in South Florida with supplying more than 1 million tablets of oxycodone painkiller to drug dealers and to fill pill mill doctor prescriptions.


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FL Surgeon General Temporarily Halts Portion Of “Pill Mill” Law

Florida’s surgeon general has temporarily suspended part of the state’s new “pill mill” legislation.



Officials To Crackdown On Pill Mills

Officials are continuing to crack down on so-called “pill mills” posing a threat to the public. It’s the latest step in a crackdown that began in October when Florida’s “Pill Mill Bill” went on the books.


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Senate Passes Pill Mill Bill

Trying to shed Florida’s reputation as a pill-mill capital, the Senate unanimously approved a wide-ranging bill Friday to stiffen penalties against bad doctors and place new limits on dispensing controlled substances.