WWII Glass Penny Sells For Big BucksOne of only two known surviving glass pennies, minted during World War II, has sold for a whole bunch of pennies, and dimes and quarters, at auction.
Ballot Breakdown: Broward Voters Decide If To Pay Up A Penny For ProjectsBroward County voters will get to decide this election season if they want to pay up a penny more for county projects.
Lucky Pennies Left In Miami Worth A Lot MoreAre you the kind who will stop and pick a penny off the ground if you spot one? If not, you may want to get into the habit if you're in Miami.
Rare Penny Sells For Millions At AuctionA picture may be worth a thousand words, but a rare penny was worth a couple of million dollars when it went for auction in Orlando.
CBS' "Big Bang Theory" Celebrates 100th EpisodeIt's the question everyone wants to know as the CBS hit comedy The Big Bang Theory celebrates it's 100th episode.... are Penny and Leonard going to reunite?

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