Paul Neumann

Nubia Barahona (Photo provided by CBS4 Viewer)

New Police Activity At Barahona Home After Abuse Call Released

Miami-Dade Police left the Southwest Miami-Dade home of Jorge and Carmen Barahona Tuesday night. They had been there since Monday night, and were spotted removing a bathtub.



Teacher Warned Of Abuse In Barahona Case, Panel Learns

Child welfare attorney Christy Lopez-Acevedo testified Tuesday before a blue-ribbon investigative panel, telling a tale of warnings ignored that should have alerted state officials of the abuse of at least two children at the home of Jorrge and Carmen Barahona.


Nubia Barahona (Photo provided by CBS4 Viewer)

Advocate Of Barahona Children Vows To Protect Surviving Kids

The court-appointed advocate for the adoptive children of Carmen and Jorge Barahona says he is making it his mission in life to help them.



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