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A pet parrot is credited with saving its owner from a house fire in Ft. Lauderdale.  (Source: CBS4)

Pet Parrot Saves Owner From House Fire

You might not think the sound of a squawking parrot is the sound of a savior, but for one family in Fort Lauderdale; that’s exactly what it was.


Sonia Hernandez said her African Grey parrot was stolen September 9, 2013.  (Source: CBS4)

Stolen Parrot Loves To Say “Sonia”

A Miami woman hopes to find her African Grey parrot she claims was stolen from the patio of her home, Monday morning, around 5 a.m.


Freckles the parrot has been reunited with its owner.

Beach Cops Solve Case Of The Pilfered Parrot

A quick thinking Miami Beach police detective made quick work out of the ‘case of the pilfered parrot’.



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