Parking garages

Two parking grarages (left) are located on the north side of the new Marlins stadium. November, 2011. (Source: CARL JUSTE / MIAMI HERALD STAFF)

City To Marlins: Pay Us For Storing Your Stuff

While the Marlins struggled to fill up seats last season, they have no problem filling up a parking garage with their stuff – without permission from the city.


Marlins Stadium 1

Hairline Cracks Will Delay Completion Of Garages At New Marlins Stadium

Repairs of hundreds of hairline cracks found on support beams of what will be the four parking garages at the new Florida Marlin stadium in Little Havana will delay their completion.


Marlins Stadium 1

Cracks Found In New Marlins Ballpark Garages, Repairs To Delay Completion

Hundreds of hairline cracks have appeared on support beams along exterior walls of Miami’s four parking garages at the new Little Havana ballpark for the Marlins. The repairs will cause some delays.