Pablo Escobar

Krishna Maharaj (Source: CBS4)

Judge Upholds Conviction In Miami Double Murder

A man convicted of a double murder in Miami hotel room nearly three decades ago has been denied a new trial.


Krishna Maharaj, a British convicted murderer, is in court as his attorney asks for a new trial on Nov. 13, 2014. (Source: CBS4)

British Convicted Murderer Remains Hopeful For New Trial

A British man convicted in a decades old double murder case remains hopeful that a new hearing could finally set him free.


Krishna Maharaj (Source: CBS4)

Ex-Miami Cop Gives Testimony For British Convicted Murderer

On Wednesday, an ex-Miami cop continued his testimony in defense of a convicted British murderer who insists he was framed by police.


Travis Waters, Youth Advocate (Source: CBS4)

Focus on South Florida: Talking to Your Kids about Alcohol, Tobacco & Drugs

New research shows that parents can make an enormous difference in influencing their children’s perception of tobacco, alcohol & drug use. We talk to Travis Waters who is dedicated to protecting young people from the path he took as a drug smuggler for one of the most notorious drug cartels in North America.

My TV 33–09/09/2013

This is a file photo of Griselda Blanco. She was released in 2004. (Source: Florida Dept. Of Corrections)

The Hunt For The “Cocaine Godmother”

Griselda Blanco had quite a few nicknames: the godmother, the queen of cocaine, the black widow. Regardless of what she went by she left a lasting impression on South Florida’s history.