NSU Professor Murdered

Randy Tundidor Sr. at his sentencing hearing on Friday, Nov. 7, 2014. (Source: CBS4)

Death Sentence For Man Convicted In Plantation Professor’s Murder

One of two men convicted in the stabbing death of a Nova Southeastern University professor was sentenced to death in a Fort Lauderdale courtroom Friday morning.


Randy Tundidor Sr. in court Monday, April 16, 2012 for the first day of jury selection. (Source: CBS4)

Hearing Held On Sentencing In NSU Professor Murder Conviction

A life or death decision hangs in the balance as a Ft. Lauderdale judge holds a hearing on the sentencing of Randy Tundidor Sr. who was found guilty two years ago in the murder of Nova Southeastern University professor Joseph Morrissey in a landlord tenant dispute.


Sean Tundidor testifies at the trial of his father, Randy Tundidor Sr., who is accused of murdering NSU professor Joseph Morrissey. (Source: CBS4)

Son Takes The Stand Against Dad In NSU Professor’s Murder

Another son of the man accused in the 2010 murder of a Nova Southeastern University professor has taken the stand for the prosecution.