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Broward School Board Discusses De-Emphasizing FCATs

Students get worked up over them, parents dread them and teachers now have part of their merit pay based on their results according to a new law. They’re the Florida Comprehensive Achievement Tests.


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UTD President: Place A Moratorium On The FCAT

Two opponents of the FCAT take aim at the controversial test on CBS4’s News & Views with Eliott Rodriguez this weekend.



Broward’s Interim Superintendent Gets $16 K Pay Raise

Come the end of June, Broward County School District’s chief operating officer will get a $16 thousand pay raise when he takes over for Superintendent Jim Notter.



School Board Extends Carvalho’s Contract Through 2015

It looks like Broward has lost out on their chance to possibly hire Alberto Carvalho to be their new Superintendent of schools.



Is Broward Schools Courting Carvalho For Superintendent Position?

The Broward School Board has just hired a firm to begin their nationwide search for a new superintendent after current superintendent Jim Notter leaves office at the end of June.

CBS Miami–05/25/2011

Broward School Superintendent James Notter   (Source: CBS4)

Notter: Reason To Leave Broward School Board Personal

While his critics may not agree, Broward School Board Superintendent James Notter said his reasons for leaving his post are personal and has nothing to do with the district’s troubles.


Broward School Superintendent James Notter   (Source: CBS4)

Inspectors Put Broward School Board Under The Microscope

In the wake of a scathing report from a Florida Grand Jury on the management, or in this case mismanagement, of the way the Broward School District, state inspectors are now taking a look at the district’s proposed solutions.