Fidel Castro Makes Appearance 4/19/11

Fidel Turns 87 Largely Out Of The Public Eye

Former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro turned 87 years old Tuesday and as the country he spent more than a half century in charge of moves forward, the once boisterous revolutionary has largely disappeared from the public eye.

CBS Miami–08/13/2013

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Something Extra: The Fourth Estate’s Sad State

Major changes in American life have slammed the newspaper industry in recent years. And today comes news that a major U.S. city will no longer have a daily newspaper.



Effort To Move Foreclosure Notices Online Fails In Legislature

Despite the fact that there are almost as many homes with computers as there are with televisions, the state of Florida is not yet ready to move home foreclosure notices off the printed page and onto a webpage, killing that proposal Tuesday after intense lobbying by newspapers and groups representing the elderly and minorities.



Best Places To Read International News

The best place to read international news is books and books, news cafe, van dyke cafe, and the Miami-Dade and Broward public libraries.



After 40 Years, Herald Says Good-Bye To Action Line

If you couldn’t get the phone company to pay attention to your problem, or some billing snafu was being ignored by your credit card company, you could always turn to Miami Herald’s Action Line for help. For 40 years, the newspaper had staff bulldogs get to the bottom of the problem and fix it, in one of the newspaper’s most popular features. Sunday, that came to an end.



Miami Herald Cuts More Jobs, Blames Economy

The Miami Herald Media Company announced yet another round of job cuts at its Miami newspapers Monday, cutting 15 jobs and eliminating 35 positions.