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MIA launches Mobile Passport App (Source:

MIA Pushes Mobile Passport Control App

Long lines and wait time is often part of the process when flying internationally. But, in an effort to “enhance” experience at customs, Miami International Airport is introducing a new customs mobile app.


(Source: CBS4)

More People Use Smartphone Apps To Do Shopping

This holiday season, shoppers have been going mobile by using smartphones to tackle their gift list so they’re not tethered to the computer or stuck battling the crowds.

CBS Miami–12/15/2013

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“Angry Trayvon” App Sparks Outrage

A mobile game called “Angry Trayvon” available through app stores has sparked enough controversy to convince the developer of the game to promise to shut it down.

CBS Miami–07/09/2013

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Red Cross: “We’re Ready To Help”

The Red Cross said it is ready to aid Florida residents affected by Isaac.

CBS Miami–08/25/2012

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Facebook Launches Much Faster iOS App

Facebook says its new iOS update means the app will be twice as responsive as before.

CBS Miami–08/23/2012


Pinterest Adds iPad, Android Apps

After finally letting users onto the site without an invite, Pinterest is now getting serious about mobile.

CBS Miami–08/16/2012

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BSO Takes Public Safety Digital With Mobile App

The Broward Sheriff’s Office has launched a mobile app, making the public safety agency one of the first to offer such a product.

CBS Miami–08/02/2012

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Mobile App Lets You Complain About Bad Drivers

Have you ever seen a driver do something dangerous, illegal or rude? A new mobile app called “DriveMeCrazy” could help keep drivers accountable.