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Clues To Catch A Liar

Would you be able to tell if somebody was lying to you? Liars often give off different signals, and according to experts, it is possible to detect their deception.


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Lying Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

People who make an effort to lie less say they have better relationships and report fewer health complaints, according to new research.


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Something Extra: To Trust Or Not To Trust Your Doctor?

Except for a surgeon I dealt with twenty years ago who had the bedside manner of Dracula, I’ve always liked my doctors. I’ve even liked my dentists. And, I’ve definitely trusted them.


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Weiner Takes Leave, DNC’s Wasserman Schultz Calls For His Resignation

It may be the death knell for the embattled congressman’s career as the chairwoman of the DNC called for Anthony Weiner to step down. But Weiner has not said anything about resigning as he announced Saturday that he’s taking a “leave of absence.”


Rep. Anthony Weiner Admits To Tweeting Lewd Photo, Lying

Weiner Scandal Draws South Florida Reaction About Lying Politicians

New York Congressman Anthony Weiner’s mea culpa over his lewd tweets on the web was greeted in South Florida Tuesday largely by cynicism from a public all too accustomed to hearing politicians apologizing for covering up what goes on under the covers.