Look Before You Lock

A family is mourning the loss of an 11-month-old child who investigators believe was accidentally left in a vehicle unattended for at least an hour. (Source: CBS4)

Parents Of Baby Left In Hot Car Face Judge

A family is mourning the loss of their 11-month-old after the baby was left inside a hot SUV Wednesday.


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Parents Urged To “Look Before You Lock” This Summer

As our sultry South Florida temperatures begin to soar into the 90s on a daily basis, the state’s Department of Children and Families wants to remind all parents and caregivers to “Look Before You Lock.”



Campaign Hopes To Prevent People From Leaving Children Inside Cars

Mistakes happen, but when a child’s life is at risk as a result of an error, proper measures must be taken avoid them.


(Source: CBS4)

Daycare Tragedy Spurs Expansion Of Safety Program

The death of 22-month-old Dominicue Andrews has renewed calls for more safety procedures to prevent another tragedy like Dominciue’s. Because of the death, a program created in South Florida to help save children’s live has just been expanded.


The Early Learning Coalition of Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties have launched the “Look Before You Lock” campaign to help busy parents remember to look in the passenger and back seats of their vehicles before they lock their car doors.

Group Kicks Off “Look Before You Lock” Campaign

It’s every parent’s nightmare and it’s happening in more and more – children dying after accidentally being left unattended in hot cars.