Cyber Crooks Now Targeting Search Engines

Most of us have the common sense these days to be cautious opening emails from someone we don’t know, or not open suspicious attachments. But now computer crooks have found a way to target us on search engines.


A computer, like this one, used to teach special needs kids was stolen from a Florida City school. (CBS4)

Low-Income Ninth Graders To Get New PCs For $25

Low-income Miami-Dade students entering 9th grade have an opportunity to start school armed with a brand new computer.

CBS Miami–08/17/2012


The Dangers Of High Tech Q-R Codes

First there were “bar codes.” Now Q-R codes are popping up on product labels, magazine ads and billboards beckoning consumers to click or scan. But buyer beware. CBS4’s Jorge Estevez explains how those black boxes with white dots could cost you dearly.