Lake County

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State Regulators Back New Nursing Homes

The ban on adding new nursing-home beds is being lifted thanks to backing of state regulators. On Monday they approved the proposal for 2,600 beds in 25 counties.


A sinkhole has caused a villa at a central Florida resort to partially collapse while another section of it is sinking. (Source: WFTV)

Sinkhole Causes Central Florida Resort Villa To Partially Collapse

A sinkhole has caused building housing vacationers at a Central Florida resort to collapse.

CBS Miami–08/12/2013

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Illinois Man Killed In Florida Hang Gliding Crash

A hang gliding crash in the middle of the state claimed the life of a visitor from Illinois.


(Source: Joe Raedle/Getty Images) - Students in Florida will no longer to be able to dress like this in school under a new law passed by the Florida legislature, and being implemented now by school boards.

No Orange Hair, Short-Shorts For Lake County Kids

Florida schools have lots of problems. The state cut budgets to the bone, and local taxpayers are hard pressed to make up the difference. Teachers are being fired. Programs are being cut. And in Lake County, in the heart of the state, the response from the school board is to ban students from wearing orange hair, bangs, and make-up that hides their eyes.