Suspects Pursued In Forged Papers Used To Spring Inmates From Florida Prison At least six Florida inmates have used forged paperwork to attempt get out of prison, and two were successful, authorities revealed Tuesday, at a news conference to announce they are on the trail of the culprits who created the false documents.
Casey Anthony Trial Judge: There Was Enough To Convict It's been nearly two years since Casey Anthony was acquitted of the murder of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee. Now, the judge who presided over the trial says he believes there was enough evidence to convict the Florida mother.
Casey Anthony Believes Daughter Was Conceived Through Date RapeNewly released deposition documents shed some light on the question many people who followed the Casey Anthony murder trial: who fathered Caylee?
Casey Anthony Jurors' Names ReleasedThe names of 12 member jury who acquitted Casey Anthony in the murder of her two year old daughter Caylee have been made public.
Jailhouse Recordings Of Casey Anthony ReleasedA 2008 jailhouse video has been released by a Florida judge depicting them moment Casey Anthony learned the remains of her two year old missing daughter Caylee had been found.
Judge To Decide On Release Of Anthony Jailhouse Tape Should a video tape of Casey Anthony learning that the remains of her daughter had been found be made public?
Casey Anthony's Attorney Try Again To Stop Probation OrderCasey Anthony's attorneys are once again fighting her probation sentence for a check fraud conviction.
Attorney: Casey Anthony Is Back In FloridaShe’s back - Casey Anthony has returned to Florida.
Judge Delays Anthony Probation Status DecisionAn Orlando judge has deferred ruling on whether Casey Anthony must return to Florida to serve probation on a 2010 charge of using stolen checks from a friend.
Casey Anthony Judge Wants Law Changed To Protect JurorsThe judge in the Casey Anthony trial has urged lawmakers to change the state’s public records law to exempt jurors' names in high profile cases from becoming public.
Judge Orders 3 Month "Cooling Off" Before Releasing Anthony Juror NamesThe Florida judge who presided over the Casey Anthony murder trial ruled Tuesday that the names of the jurors can be released to the public, but no sooner than the end of October.
State Rep. Wants To Keep Jurors From Cashing In On Big TrialsIn the wake of the Casey Anthony trial and its subsequent controversial verdict, a Central Florida lawmaker has proposed legislation that would prevent jurors from cashing in on their trials.

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