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New Structure Approved For FAMU-FSU College

Following an agreement between Florida State University and Florida A&M University, the state Board of Governors on Thursday approved a new structure for the Tallahassee schools’ joint College of Engineering and seemingly put to rest a months-long battle over the future of the program.


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Republicans Still Unhappy With Pension Ruling

Gov. Rick Scott and Republicans in the Legislature are still unhappy with a judge’s decision to strike down last year’s pension overhaul, with the Senate budget chief declining to rule out defying a court order to repay state employees.


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Budget Negotiators Big Push Before The End Of Session

With eyes on the clock budget negotiators in Tallahassee sent their thorniest issues to the respective budget chairmen this weekend, as both the Senate and House lined up priorities for the expected final week of the session.


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Budget Dispute Could Keep Florida Legislature Overtime

Florida budget negotiations have stalled in Tallahassee which means state lawmakers may not end their annual session on time.


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Senate Panel Takes Up $70.8 Budget Plan

The Florida Senate’s $70.8 billion budget proposal, which includes $400 million in cuts to the state’s 11 public universities, will be taken up by that body’s budget panel on Wednesday.


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Senate Prison Privatization Bill Voted Down

The Florida Senate voted down a bill Tuesday which would have privatized about 30 prisons in the southern part of the state.



Florida Immigration Bill Appears Dead For 2011

A vast difference between House and Senate versions of a Florida immigration bill means it is likely the issue is dead for the 2011 legislative session, according to the Florida House sponsor of the bill.


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Legislators Hammer Out Final Budget Details

After joint conference committees hammered out most of the details last week, the Florida Legislature’s top two budget leaders are trying to work out final details of a compromise spending plan.


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FL Budget Chairman: Gov. Scott’s Plane Sales Against The Law

Governor Scott’s campaign promise to sell the state’s planes to fill some of the Sunshine State’s massive budget deficit may have been popular with voters, but one lawmaker says it was illegal.