POST SEASON HUDDLE – Jovens Janvier - Champagnat CatholicHe is torn, athletic and has superb footwork. If you have watched him perform the past two years, you already realize how impressive he is.
POST SEASON HUDDLE – Jordan Irizarry – NSU University SchoolHe is fast, athletic, catches the ball very well, runs solid patterns, gets open and can play in the defensive secondary as well.
POST SEASON HUDDLE: Johnquai Lewis – Champagnat CatholicOn a team loaded with talent, here is one of those elite prospects.
POST SEASON HUDDLE – Henry Gray - MiramarEasily one of the fastest rising prospects in his class, here is a gifted football talent who continues to turn heads every time he steps on the field.
POST SEASON HUDDLE – Bryce Gowdy - Deerfield BeachEveryone is anxious to watch him lineup this coming season. Already has colleges following him from all over the country! 
POST SEASON HUDDLE – Tyler Pena - Southwest MiamiThis is one of the prime examples of a talented young man who has put in the time.
POST SEASON HUDDLE – Maurice Underwood - CentralKeep an eye on Underwood throughout the year as he looks to have a breakout season.
POST SEASON HUDDLE – Semar Melvin, St. Thomas AquinasA very physical defensive back who will never back down – no matter who he is lining up against.
POST SEASON HUDDLE – John Dunmore – Chaminade-MadonnaThis may be Florida’s best receiver. There is no doubt that he is the best in Florida for the upcoming senior class.
POST SEASON HUDDLE – Ronald Fanfan – North MiamiHe runs, catches, jumps and knows how to play this game.
POST SEASON HUDDLE – Tiawan Mullen - Coconut CreekAn elite defensive back who is so talented, he has been playing at this level since his freshman season.
POST SEASON HUDDLE – Devon Betty - St. Thomas AquinasGifted football talent who runs well and is willing to do what it takes to get to that next level.

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