Immigration and Customs Enforcement

(Source: CBS4) Daniela Pelaez arrives at MIA following a whirlwind trip to Washington D.C.

Valedictorian Pushing For STARS Act

The North Miami Senior High valedictorian, who won a two year immigration reprieve thanks to the rally effort of her fellow students, plans to announce Wednesday the creation of a new foundation supporting the STARS Act.


(Source: CBS4) Daniela Pelaez arrives at MIA following a whirlwind trip to Washington D.C.

Teen Fighting To Stay In U.S., Congressman To Push STARS Act

Daniela Pelaez will be back in South Florida Friday, knowing that she will be able to stay here for at least another two years.


Daniela Pelaez (CBS4)

Teen Told To Leave U.S. Given Two Year Deferment

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has granted a two year deferment to the North Miami Senior High valedictorian who was ordered to leave the country later this month.


(Source: CBS4) Man taken into custody by Federal Fugitive Task Force at Opa-Locka Airport on Monday, March 5, 2012.

Fugitive Takedown On The Tarmac

There was a takedown on the tarmac at Opa-Locka Airport early Monday morning that resulted with one man in the custody of federal agents but nobody has revealed who that man is or why he was a wanted man.


North Miami Senior High Protest

Students, Politicians Rally To Keep N. Miami HS Valedictorian In U.S.

A quick protest started Friday morning outside North Miami Senior High School on behalf of the school valedictorian, Daniela Palaez, who has been ordered by a judge to leave the country later this month.


Daniela Pelaez (CBS4)

Judge Orders Top N. Miami Senior High Student To Leave U.S.

A judge has ordered a top student at North Miami Senior High School to leave the country later this month.



New Miami ICE Chief Named

Alysa Erichs has been named the new chief of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency’s South Florida office.


(Source: CBS4) Anthony Mangione

Ex-ICE Chief’s Child Porn Trial Pushed Back

The trial of South Florida’s former top official at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement office on child porn charges has been pushed back.


(Photo by Bart Young/Getty Images)

Gimme A ‘G’: Man Pleads Guilty For Smuggling Fake Cheerleading Team

At least one Colombian man has nothing to cheer about today.


Fake ID's

CBS4 Investigates: Undetectable Fake ID’s

Using a fake ID to get into bars and nightclubs has always been a rite of passage for underage students. But CBS4 Investigator Stephen Stock says Homeland Security officials are so concerned about the fake IDs being made in China today, that they now consider them a national security threat.