Exclusive: Florida Investigating Potential Non-Citizen Voters

In a new crackdown, Florida officials are investigating the citizenship of thousands of registered voters.


Patients going to other countries are learning the hard way that their bodies are paying the price in exchange for saving money on breast implants. (CBS4)

Docs Warn Of Complications From Cheap International Breast Implants

Every year, thousands of women fly from South Florida, out of the country, especially to South America, to get a boob job. They take the trip because the surgery is significantly cheaper outside the United States.


(Source: Boynton Beach Police Department)

Police Crow About Rescuing Rooster From The Ring

Why does a man go to the post office to pick up a live rooster? Police in Boynton Beach say Danny Pham wanted his fowl for fighting, and that’s against the law. Pham had a date with a judge, and his mail-order chicken was saved from the cock-righting ring.


(Source: CBS4)

CBS4 Investigates: Jobless Need Not Apply

Conventional wisdom dictates that it is easier to find a job when you already have a job. Now there is increasing proof that companies are openly telling the jobless that they need not apply.



U.S. Customs Shares A Peek At Mysterious Airport Contraband

South Florida airports handle millions of visitors from around the world. With them they bring millions of bags, jam packed with some of the most bizarre things you can imagine. CBS4’s David Sutta takes you behind the scenes at Miami International Airport as U.S. Customs Agents round up crazy contraband.



Bill Would End Ban On College Tuition Breaks For Kids Of Undocumented

It may be a tough sell at a time when tuition is climbing and available seats at Florida universities are scarce, but a Jacksonville state representative has filed a bill that would legalize state tuition breaks for all Florida residents, even if their parents are not here legally.



Broward Pharmacy Tech Helps Nab Illegal Pill Seekers

During one week in early July, a Broward County pharmacist says she turned in three customers to the Broward Sheriff’s Office at the North Broward Pharmacy for trying to get their hands on powerful prescription drugs through fraudulent means.


coral gate

County, City Spar Over Coral Gate Wall

Most homeowners would be upset if the City put a 10-foot concrete wall right through their backyard, but David Graydon and others who live in Miami’s Coral Gate neighborhood pushed to have a wall like that, built last summer.



Police: Woman Injected Botox Illegally

Two South Florida women seeking Botox treatments trusted a 28-year-old woman, who police say had no medical license, to inject their faces with the temporary wrinkle remover.



I-Team: Engines to the Enemy

Four family members have been indicted for trying to sell jet fighter engines here in Miami to eventually be shipped to Iran..a violation of federal law.