Hurricane Joaquin Racing Across The Open AtlanticHurricane Joaquin is slowly weakening as it heads out to sea. At 11 a.m. the center of the system was about 665 miles south-southwest of Cape Race, Newfoundland. At 5 a.m. the center of the system was about 420 miles north-northeast of Bermuda.
Hurricane Joaquin Moving Northeast Over Open AtlanticA Tropical Storm Warning for the island of Bermuda has been discontinued as Hurricane Joaquin moves farther to the northeast.
Ragged Eye Of Hurricane Joaquin Passing Just West Of BermudaDangerous Hurricane Joaquin is starting to impact Bermuda.
Severe Hurricane Joaquin Threatening BermudaSevere Hurricane Joaquin is threatening Bermuda.
Joaquin Moving Away From BahamasIt looks like the eastern seaboard will spared the brunt of Hurricane Joaquin which is forecast to take a turn to the northeast Friday night.
Joaquin Becomes Cat. 3 HurricaneHurricane Joaquin is now a Category 3 hurricane as it moves toward the Central Bahamas.
Tropical Storm Joaquin Expected To Become HurricaneTropical Storm Joaquin is expected to become a hurricane soon, though it probably won't threaten South Florida.
Tropical Storm Ida Forecast To Move NorthwardTropical Storm Ida is moving slowly toward the east. At 5 a.m., the center of the storm was about 1155 miles east of the Northern Leeward Islands.
Tropical Storm Ida Shows No Change In StrengthTropical Storm Ida continues moving eastward with no change in strength.
Tropical Storm Ida Expected To Continue LingeringTropical Storm Ida has changed directions as it continues to chug over the subtropical Atlantic.
Poorly Organized TS Ida Continues Slowing DownTropical Storm Ida is expected to move very little over the next 24 hours as it sits in the open Atlantic Ocean.
Tropical Storm Ida Gains Speed, Expected To Slow Back DownTropical Storm Ida is moving quickly on Sunday afternoon but is expected to slow down soon as it continues to move in the eastern Atlantic.