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National Hurricane Center, FIU Launch Spanish Hurricane Site

Florida International University and the National Hurricane Center are launching a new, Spanish-language website for hurricane preparation.

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Tropical Storm Bill Pushing Ashore Over Eastern Texas

Tropical Storm Bill could drop up to a foot of rain over eastern Texas.


Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

Hurricane Complacency Is Spreading

After a decade without an impressive hurricane threatening the state, emergency planners say most people just aren’t ready.


Hurricane Hunter Plane (Source: CBS4)

Hurricane Hunters Ready For The Season

Nothing beats being in a storm to know exactly what’s happening with it. That’s where the Hurricane Hunter aircraft come in. The planes are specially modified to investigate one of nature’s biggest storm systems.


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Keeping Connected When A Big Storm Hits

The 2015 hurricane season is officially underway. In recent years the internet has become vital to communication, banking and business. Without it, much of our economy would come to a halt.


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Survey: 1 In 5 Would Not Evacuate For A Hurricane

With the start of every hurricane season, state, county and local authorities always ask residents to get prepared.


New Wave Tank at UM can create hurricane conditions on demand. (Source: CBS4)

Wave Tank At UM Can Create Hurricane Conditions On Demand

New technology is giving us insight into hurricanes.



2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season Officially Begins Monday

Here we go again. Check your batteries, water and canned food supplies because the 2015 Atlantic Hurricane season is officially underway.

CBS Miami–06/01/2015

Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

New Lab At UM Can Create Hurricane Conditions On Demand

In trying to figure out what makes some hurricanes strengthen into catastrophic monsters, researchers have created a lab that allows them to generate tropical storm conditions with the flip of a switch.


A view of downtown Miami as seen from Miami Beach. (Source: Rhiannon Ally/CBS4)

Florida Coasts Have Grown, But Hurricane Damage Risk Hasn’t

As the population in Florida coasts has grown by an additional 1.5 million people, the risk of hurricane damage hasn’t, according to a new analysis.