Hurricane Andrew


After Year Off, Homestead Air Show Screams Across Skies

After a hiatus last year, the Wings Over Homestead air show returns this weekend for an estimated 400,000 people.


Satellite image of Hurricane Sandy (Photo by NOAA via Getty Images)

Opinion: Another Hurricane Reminds Us Of The Need For An Effective Administration

The 2012 presidential campaign between President Obama and Mitt Romney will be book-ended by hurricanes.


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Country Walk Residents Watch Isaac, Remember Hurricane Andrew

Many in South Dade are preparing for Isaac with another storm in mind. The community of Country Walk marked the 20th Anniversary of Hurricane Andrew Friday with a party. The hurricane devastated that community, but it has since rebuilt.


(Source: NOAA) Hurricane Andrew on Radar

Hurricane Andrew Remembered: 20 Years Later

While South Florida watches Tropical Storm Isaac extremely closely this Friday, August 24th, 2012 it was August 24th, 20 years ago that changed the landscape of South Florida and the lives of hundreds of thousands of people for ever.


Damage from Hurricane Andrew in August 1992. (Source: CBS4)

Hurricane Andrew’s Costly Insurance Legacy

Hurricane Andrew was a nightmare for anyone who went through it. It was a life-changing event that’s not easily forgotten as we mark the 20th anniversary of the day it roared ashore.


(Source: CBS4)

Neighbors 4 Neighbors Marks 20-Years After Andrew

Out of the crisis of Hurricane Andrew aftermath an organization committed to restoring the community was born. Those affected by the storm needed help and those spared wanted to help, so this TV station, then WCIX, took action.


Damage from Hurricane Andrew in August 1992. (Source: CBS4)

Remembering Hurricane Andrew’s Economic Impact

n the wake of Hurricane Andrew, not everyone fled north. For those who stayed behind to rebuild South Dade, the road has been tough and quite unpredictable. Much of the area looked like a bomb had gone off. As one person walked around surveying the damage in 1992 they told a CBS4 camera crew, “It’s more like a third world country down here.”


A tree topped in front of a North Miami business. (Source: Kevin Farrey)

FIU’s Wall Of Wind Demonstrates Hurricane’s Fury

Florida International University’s International Hurricane Research Center put its Wall of Wind to the test Tuesday afternoon, demonstrating a category five hurricane with wind-driven rain inside their laboratory.


Couple Holding Hands (Source: CBS4)

Hurricane Andrew’s Impact On SW Broward Demographics

Marilyn Soltanipour’s little piece of paradise is in Pembroke Pines, a community that saw tremendous growth after Hurricane Andrew devastated parts of Miami-Dade County 20 years ago.


Eleven people received Kindness Awards on the 20 year anniversary of Hurricane Andrew. (CBS4)

11 People Receive “Kindness Awards” In Homestead 20 Years After Andrew

Ninety-year-old Ruth Campbell and 10 other people and an organization received “Kindness Awards” from the City of Homestead on Tuesday in a ceremony at the Homestead-Miami Speedway Champion’s Club. It honored good deeds and acts of kindness just days before the 20th Anniversary of Hurricane Andrew.