Hialeah Fire Rescue

Luis Enrique Rodriguez (left) and Jacqueline Sanchez (right). (Source: Hialeah Police Department)

Couple Charged With Child Abuse After 2-Year-Old Falls Out Window

A two-year-old boy is in critical condition Saturday after falling from a second-story window from a motel room in Hialeah. After further investigation, the parents have been charged with child neglect after police said they found drugs and alcohol in the room.


Source: CBS4

Bus Stop Crash Kills One Man And Critically Injures Another

One person was killed and another person was injured when a vehicle crashed into a bus stop in Hialeah.


A man was transported to the hospital after being shot on a Hialeah street (CBS4)

Man Dead After Shooting On Hialeah Street

Fire Rescue officials say a man was transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital in “very critical” condition following a shooting on a busy Hialeah street Friday afternoon.


(Source: CBS4) Firefighters and paramedics rushed against the clock to rescue the driver of a contractor's truck who was trapped following an accident on Okeechobee Road

Frantic Effort Frees Driver Trapped In Hialeah Crash

One person died Monday evening when a van and a car collided on Okeechobee Road.


(Source: CBS4)

Van Careens Into Ambulance, House In Hialeah

A South Florida driver suffered minor injuries Wednesday morning after crashing into an ambulance and a house.


(Source: CBS4) A postal worker was treated by paramedics after she was attacked while delivering the mail in Hialeah

Postal Worker Attacked During Hialeah Deliveries

A mail carrier delivering the mail to the people who live on NW 12th street in Hialeah was delivered to the hospital Thursday morning, after she was apparently attacked by a man who smashed her head with a pistol.


(Source: facebook.com)

Friends Gather To Remember Teen Who Drowned At Hialeah Park Lake

Friends of a South Florida teen who drowned in a lake gathered to hold a memorial Friday in his honor.


Near Drowning In Hialeah (Source: CBS4)

Teen Pulled From Hialeah Park Lake

An afternoon of fun with friends in a Hialeah park took an unexpected turn for a teen who ended up being airlifted to the hospital.


(Source: CBS)

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Sickens Two Elderly Women

Two elderly women were taken to the hospital Monday night after they were overcome by carbon monoxide fumes.