National Recovery Month: 5 Tips For Preparing For A Rehabilitation ProgramSo you’re ready to make that step and find sobriety, maybe for the first time in years. Now what? Here are 5 tips for preparing for a rehabilitation program that will help ensure your success.
FIU Delves Into Landmark Drug & Brain Development Study A South Florida university is set to take part in a landmark study on drugs and adolescent brain development.
Drug Company Under Fire For 5,000 Percent Drug MarkupThe company that makes the life-saving drug Daraprim increased the price for one tablet by 5-thousand percent, from $13.50 to $750.00.
New Device Saves Time In Stroke Treatment Isabel Vinueza is young, healthy and gets plenty of exercise.That's why she couldn't fathom what was happening to her when she suffered a stroke at 26-years old.
Salmonella Outbreak & Recalled Cucumbers Link Under InvestigationThree salmonella cases may be part of an outbreak that sickened hundreds and it may be linked to cucumbers distributed in various states including Florida.
Senate May Consider "Recovery Care" ProposalTaking up a health-care issue backed by House leaders, a Senate Republican on Thursday filed a bill that would allow patients to stay longer at ambulatory-surgical centers and allow the operation of "recovery care centers."
State Panel Prepares To Move Forward With Medical PotState health officials have named the three members of a panel that will choose five nurseries to be Florida's first legal pot growers, setting in motion the final stages of the drawn-out process to get Florida's new medical-marijuana industry off the ground.
Hospital Closing Infant Program Following Reports On DeathsA West Palm Beach hospital is closing its infant heart surgery program following media reports on a series of deaths.
Bounce Into Fitness With Rebound BootsThere's a new trend in fitness that has people bouncing into their exercise routines - literally.
DNA Testing Offered For Personalized Skin Care TreatmentsAs more people want to find out what’s going on inside their bodies, doctors are offering patients a way to personalize their skin care and it involves taking a look at an individual's DNA.
Bill Could Boost Autism ScreeningA House Democrat has filed a bill that could place new requirements on health insurers in the screening of children for autism spectrum disorder.
CDC: Most Middle & High Schools Start Too EarlyWhat time does your child’s school bell ring? If it’s before 8:30 AM, the Centers for Disease Control say it’s too early and may lead to insufficient sleep and related health risks.