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In this handout photo provided by NASA, a Solar and Heliospheric Observatory image shows Region 486 that unleashed a record flare last week (lower left) November 18, 2003 on the sun. The spot itself cannot yet be seen but large, hot, gas-filled loops above this region are visible. These post-flare loops are still active.  (Photo by NASA via Getty Images)

Massive Solar Storm Races Toward Earth

A massive solar storm on the sun is about to have a major impact on earth. Radioactive particles from solar flares may soon start messing with everything from electricity to GPS systems. Fluctuations to some electrical power grids may also be experienced.


Paul Mira (Source: Miami-Dade Police)

Private School Molester Mira Admits Guilt

Former private school PE director Paul Mira, charged with sexual abuse of two students including a 12-year-old girl, has accepted a plea deal that makes him a sex offender for life, bans him from teaching, but keeps him from prison. The parents of the girls accepted the deal to keep their kids from having to testify.


cellphone app

Tattletale Smartphones Track Your Every Move

What’s the one electronic device you have with you everywhere you go? Probably it’s your smart phone. Cell phone companies know you can’t leave home without your phone and based on what you do with that phone… they know a whole lot more about you than you may realize.



Helpful Holiday Phone Apps

The holiday to-do list never seems to end… cooking, shopping, decorating. It’s enough to stress anyone out. Now help is at your finger tips. CBS4′s Cynthia Demos introduces you to Apps that will help keep you in the holiday spirit.


The State Attorney's Office released this photo showing the officers before the ATV incident (Source: State Attorney's Office)

GPS Systems To Be Installed In MBPD Cruisers

Officials are implementing new checks and balances headed for the Miami Beach Police Department.



Sellers Finding Success With Internet Video Ads

From cars, to lawn mowers, and even musical instruments, people are letting videos sell their stuff for them online.


Directions to CBSMiami, WFOR, and WBFS

The best directions to WFOR/WBFS will come from your own GPS. Because of extensive construction in the area between Doral and the City of Miami, including the Miami International Airport, instructions are likely to change […]


(Source: CBS4)

Military Testing New Technology, Robots To Save Lives

American soldiers know when they go in to battle there is a chance they may not make it out alive. It’s these losses that has the military testing new technology. Robots will soon replace human medics.


BSO detectives are looking for the thieves who are stealing navigations systems from boats in the Pompano Beach area. (Photo Courtesy: BSO)

BSO Seek Pair Of Fishy Burglars

Broward Sheriff’s Office detectives are asking for help from the public to find a couple of fishy burglars who stole the navigation system from a boat in Pompano Beach.


(Source: CBS)

New Tech Is Helping Families With Special Needs

New technology is making life a little easier for people with special needs and their families.