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Members of the Florida House bow their heads in pr

At Budget Impasse, House Adjourns Early

Having reached a budget impasse with their Senate counterparts, the state’s House has adjourned three days early.


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Florida Public Bathroom Bill Upsets Transgender People

A newly passed bill may limit transgender men and women wanting to use a certain bathroom.


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Democrats Line Up For Miami-Dade House Races

At least six Democrats have filed paperwork this week to run for Florida House seats currently held by Miami-Dade County Republicans, according to the state Division of Elections website.


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Senate Puts Brakes On Red-Light Camera Repeal

Red-light cameras won’t be turned off in Florida this year.


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House Throttles Back On Red-Light Camera Bill

The key House proponent of eliminating red-light cameras ended his effort Monday to prohibit the installation of new cameras across the state.


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New Bill Would Turn Off Red Light Cameras

Since its inception, red light cameras have been a hot topic among politicians and drivers all across the state of Florida. Now, a House Republican has filed a bill that would repeal the state laws that authorized the red light cameras at intersections across the state.


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Bill Proposes Repeal Of Red Light Cameras

A Florida legislator has filed a bill aimed at putting the brakes on Florida’s red-light camera law.

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House Cautiously OKs Red Light Camera Measure

On the issue of red-light cameras, the Florida House seems to have found its happy medium.



CBS4 Investigation: Overcharging Citizens

Citizens Insurance has been the focus of a lot of criticism over the last few years from state leaders and taxpayers. Now, an exclusive CBS4 Investigation has discovered that hundreds of thousands of policy holders may have been overcharged by Citizens.


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S. Dade Rep. Artiles Admits Residency Violation

Florida Representative Frank Artiles has confirmed that he is currently violating the Florida constitution by living outside his House district, far from his constituents, months after they elected him to the legislature.