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Florida hurricane Catastrophe Fund

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Scott Continues Pushing Citizens Depopulation

Governor Rick Scott continued to make his push to depopulate Citizens Insurance Friday in front of a friendly crowd at the Florida Chamber of Commerce.

CBS Miami–11/30/2012


Lawmakers Urged To Beef Up Hurricane Catastrophe Fund

Florida has dodged a bullet for the six years without a hurricane hitting the state. Now insurance industry experts have urged state lawmakers to beef up the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund before a major storm or series of them hits.



Fla. Hurricane Fund Has $3.2 Billion Shortfall

There’s a storm brewing over the state of Florida’s hurricane fund which is confronting a potential $3.2 billion shortfall, financial experts said Tuesday in a new estimate of the money available to the pool intended to help insurers make disaster payments.



Florida’s Hurricane Fund May Run Short If Disaster Strikes

If Florida were to experience a major hurricane, the state may not have the funds to pay off all the claims.