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Florida House

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State Senate Approves Pilot Needle Exchange Program In Miami-Dade

With supporters pointing to the need to prevent the spread of HIV and other infectious diseases, the Senate on Tuesday approved a pilot needle and syringe exchange program in Miami-Dade.



Fla. Senate Revives In-State Tuition Break

There’s been a small victory of sorts for those who support in-state tuition for undocumented immigrant students.

CBS Miami–04/29/2014

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Senate Approves Prohibition On Foreign Law In Court

Foreign laws would be prohibited in Florida courts, under a bill the Senate sent to the House on Monday.


Medical Marijuana

Senate Gives Go Ahead On Medical Marijuana Bill

The use of medical marijuana would be legal in Florida under a bill passed by the Senate.


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“Guns In Schools” Bill Clears State House

A measure that would allow guns to be carried in school by people with special training has passed in the Florida House.


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Immigrant Advocates Want Gov. Scott To Push Senate For Tuition Break

As state lawmakers enter the final week of the 60 day session, immigrant advocates are asking Gov. Rick Scott to employ more political muscle to convince them to pass a bill which will allow thousands of youths living in the country illegally to pay in-state tuition for the state’s colleges.


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Big Push In Final Week Of Florida Legislative Session

It’s coming down to the wire for Florida legislators in their current session. This week is their final week of their 60-day session and they still have lots of unfinished business, including whether to approve a strain of marijuana for medical use.


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FL House Backs Stadium Process, Seeks Help For Cuban Baseball Players

The House on Friday approved a process to help determine whether to use tax dollars for professional sports stadium projects but would exclude Major League Baseball from potential funding unless changes are made in how Cuban players are treated.


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Secret Meetings Bill Headed To Gov. Scott

Secret meetings could take place among state university foundations under a bill that’s headed to Gov. Rick Scott.


Florida Legislature Abortion

Fla. Legislature Sends Abortion Bill To Governor

An abortion bill is headed to the Governor’s office.