Florida Education Association

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Fla. Supreme Court Weighing FRS Contributions Legality

The Florida Supreme Court sounded skeptical Friday as it considered a legal challenge to a 2011 law that forced public employees to help pay for their pensions.

CBS Miami–09/07/2012


Florida Teachers Union Opposing Evaluation Rule

The battle over teacher evaluations and merit pay takes center stage in Tallahassee Wednesday.


Governor Rick Scott

Gov. Scott Signs $70B Budget

With stroke of a pen, Gov. Rick Scott signed the state’s 2012-2013 budget into law at a St. Johns County elementary school.


Florida Legislature. (Source: AP)

Group Forms To Support Repeal Ban On Public Funding Of Churches

A new group called “Yes on 8 Campaign” has formed to support a repeal of Florida’s ban on public funding of churches and other religious organizations.


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Judge Strikes Down 3% Pension Requirement For State Workers

A state judge has struck down a new law that required public employees to contribute 3-percent of their income to their retirement pensions.


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Fla. Teacher’s Union Files Lawsuit On Merit Pay

Florida’s statewide teacher’s union has filed a lawsuit related to the teacher merit pay law passed by the Florida Legislature this year.


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Unions Challenge School Voucher Expansion

The Florida Education Association has filed a lawsuit against the state over a proposed 2012 state constitutional amendment that would repeal the state’s ban on giving taxpayer money to aid churches and other religious organizations.


Florida Capitol

Bureaucrat’s Dream: 160 New Laws Effective Today

It’s a new month, and the start of a new fiscal year for the stare of Florida, and that means changes in the lawbooks. 160 new laws took effect Friday at Midnight, with something for everyone in the state.


Florida Capitol

More Than 150 New Laws Hit The Books This Friday

When Florida starts its new fiscal year this Friday, 160 new laws will hit the books. Many of those laws, as well as the budget, carry out the conservative governing philosophies of Republican Gov. Rick Scott and the GOP-majority Legislature.


Florida Governor Rick Scott (Source: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Scott Signs Pension Bill In Spite Of Lawsuit

Despite a lawsuit from the Florida Education Association and countless other public worker unions, Governor Rick Scott signed Senate Bill 2100 into law, meaning all government employees to contribute 3 percent of their salaries to the Florida Retirement System.





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