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Florida Drivers

(Source: CBS4)

MPD, Secret Service Team Up To Tame Insurance Fraud

You’re paying too much for insurance, and fraud is to blame. However, the Miami Police Department (MPD) announced it has made progress in fighting fraud in Florida.



Miami Parking Authority Cuts Drivers A Break

Holiday shopping means running from store to store at a frenzied pace. Thanks to the Miami Parking Authority, however, you can walk (not run) back to your car.



Gas Prices Fall Over Memorial Day Weekend

As drivers begin their treks back home after the Memorial Day weekend, they will get a welcome sight at the gas station…falling prices.



State Revoking More & More Driver’s Licenses

An increasing number of Florida drivers have had their licenses revoked because they were not physically or mentally fit to get behind the wheel.


A Florida Highway Patrol trooper issues a ticket to a driver.  (Source: AP)

S. Florida’s Aggressive Drivers On The Rise

For anyone who drives on South Florida roads, you know they can be filled with aggressive drivers but now it’s getting worse.