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Florida Constitution

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Fla. Supreme Court Tosses Out Medical Malpractice Caps In Wrongful Death Suits

The Florida Supreme Court dropped a bomb on the Florida Legislature Thursday morning when it ruled that a 2003 law limiting damages in wrongful death medical-malpractice lawsuits is unconstitutional.

CBS Miami–03/13/2014

Florida Gov. Rick Scott Holds News Conference At Biomedical Product Manufacturing

Fla. Governor & Attorney General Sued Over Public Records

A persistent critic of Gov. Rick Scott filed lawsuits on Monday accusing top Florida officials of flouting the state’s public records laws by failing to turn over emails and other documents.


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New Merit Pay System Faces Challenge From Teachers Union

While some applaud the new merit pay system for the state’s teachers, the occupation’s union is fighting it head on.


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Understanding The Florida Amendments

The 2012 ballot will be one to remember across the state of Florida. The ballot is the longest in Miami-Dade history and much of the ballot is taken up with 11 constitutional amendments written in legalese that can confuse even the most well-informed voters.

CBS Miami–11/05/2012

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Amendment 4 Could Shift Tax Burden

Florida voters will have their say on 11 constitutional amendments during November’s general election. Of all the amendments, Amendment 4 could have the most impact on Florida’s voters.


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Group Forms To Support Repeal Ban On Public Funding Of Churches

A new group called “Yes on 8 Campaign” has formed to support a repeal of Florida’s ban on public funding of churches and other religious organizations.


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Legislators Working On Senate Redistricting Revisions

Legislative aides are trying to draft a revision for the Florida Senate’s redistricting map after the previous map was thrown out by the Florida Supreme Court.


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Legislature Has Authority To Set Tuition Rates

College students hoping to keep the state legislature from setting tuition rates were dealt a setback Wednesday.


(Source: CBS) Florida Representative Frank Artiles, District 119

S. Dade Rep. Artiles Admits Residency Violation

Florida Representative Frank Artiles has confirmed that he is currently violating the Florida constitution by living outside his House district, far from his constituents, months after they elected him to the legislature.


Barack Obama became the 44th president of the United States on January, 20th, 2009 and the first African American President in the history of the U.S. (Photo credit: AP)

Florida GOP Again Target Health Care Reform

Six months ago, the Florida Supreme Court removed a proposed constitutional amendment that sought to opt-out of the federal health care overhaul. Tuesday, a similar measure was proposed by Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos.