Appeals Court Blocks Evidence At Redistricting Trial A Florida appeals court blocked the release of document meant to be key evidence in the state's redistricting trial.
Controversial Kidney-Dialysis Law Upheld By Fla. CourtFlorida doctors will continue to be barred from referring kidney-dialysis patients to labs in which the doctors have financial stakes, the News Service of Florida reports a federal appeals court ruled Thursday.
Fla. Appeals Court Upholds City Red Light CamerasRed light cameras have received a green light from a Florida appeals court which has has upheld the right of cities to use cameras to catch and fine motorists who run red lights.
Florida Slot Machines Decision AppealedA Florida appeals court decision which gave the state's legislature the authority to approve slot machines anywhere is being appealed to the Florida Supreme Court .
Appeals Court Upholds Slot Machines Anywhere In Fla.A Florida appeals court has upheld a decision that gives the Florida Legislature the authority to put slot machines anywhere in the state of Florida.

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