I-Team: Major Medicare Fraud Bust Targets Miami Clinics

Federal agents stormed homes and offices at dawn this morning as part of a major Medicare fraud bust in and around Miami. The crime: $165 million dollars allegedly stolen from U.S. taxpayers.



Hollywood Mayor Calls For Corruption Investigation

Hollywood’s mayor is calling for a federal investigation into his city manager and other city employees after receiving two anonymous tips about some alleged shady behavior.

CBS Miami–05/06/2011


I-Team: Engines to the Enemy

Four family members have been indicted for trying to sell jet fighter engines here in Miami to eventually be shipped to Iran..a violation of federal law.


2012 U.S. Budget

Obama Budget Blues Hit Port Of Miami

President Obama shook up South Florida leaders when his federal budget blueprint came out Monday and did not include money for a dredge project for the Port of Miami.


Courtroom Generic Gavel

Judge Rules Health Care Law Unconstitutional

Florida Federal Judge Roger Vinson ruled parts of the health care overhaul passed by Congress unconstitutional Monday afternoon.


Health Caduecus Generic

50 Million Americans Have No Health Insurance

A new study from the Kaiser Foundation is giving a grim view of the state of health insurance in the country as 50 million Americans now lack health care.


(Source: AP)

Hollywood Eye Doc Pleads Guilty To Conspiracy

A prominent Hollywood eye doctor with a number of high powered political connections has pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge.


Custodial Workers at the University of Miami voted to go on strike if wage increase demands aren't met.  (Source: CBS4)

UM Accused Of Using Credit Checks To Discriminate

The University of Miami is accused of using credit checks to discriminate against minorities who are applying for jobs.


I-Team: Stimulus Bridge Repairs Coming Up Short

Two years ago Saturday, the I-35W bridge collapsed over the Mississippi River near Minneapolis killing 13 people and injuring 145. President Barack Obama and Congress pledged to use part of his $787 billion stimulus package to fix those troubled bridges.

But an I-Team investigation combined with the Associated Press, finds many of those bridges still won’t be fixed.