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A plane  and skydiver crashed into the ground near Tampa after the strings of the skydiver's parachute  became tangled with the wing  but both the pilot and jumper made it out alive. (Courtesy: Polk County Sheriff's Office )

Injured Skydiver Will Jump Again

Pictures of a skydiver tangled with a plane during a jump near Tampa were considered jaw-dropping by many people who saw them.


(JOEL NITO/AFP/Getty Images)

Pilot Hopes To Reenact 1914 Flight Over Tampa Bay

A Florida man has made a replica of a seaplane flown over Tampa Bay 100 years ago and is planning to fly it during a reenactment of the nation’s first commercial flight on the centennial of the aviation milestone.


The Coast Guard is searching for two people after a Lear jet went down in the ocean off Ft. Lauderdale. (Source: CBS4)

Search For Two People Missing After Learjet Crash Off Ft. Lauderdale

The United States Coast Guard is still searching for two people missing from an air ambulance that crashed in the waters off of Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday evening after dropping off a patient from Costa Rica in Broward County and heading home to Cozumel, Mexico.


A police body searches for the man who reportedly fell from plane on Thursday, Nov. 14, 2013. (Source: CBS4)

Man Who Fell From Plane Identified, Search Continues

The mid-air mystery of a man who fell off a plane has been partially solved. The pilot and the man who fell off the plane were identified today.


Authorities search for a man who fell out of a small plane on Thursday, Nov. 14, 2013. (Source: CBS4)

Search For Man Who Fell Off Plane Done For The Night

According to the FAA, a pilot reported that a passenger fell out of a plane around eight miles southeast of Tamiami Airport, or roughly one mile off shore.

CBS Miami–11/14/2013

FAA Plane

S. Fla Travelers React To Loosened FAA Restrictions On Electronics

The inconvenience of turning off tablets, iPods, and e-readers will soon be a thing of the past on most flights after the Federal Aviation Administration announced many personal electronic devices are safe to leave on during takeoff and landing.


Smart Phones

FAA Relaxes Rules For Electronics On Planes

Government safety rules are changing to let airline passengers use most electronic devices from gate-to-gate. The change will let passengers read, work, play games, watch movies and listen to music.

CBS Miami–10/31/2013

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MIA Bound Plane Makes Emergency Landing In Colombia

A plane on its way to Miami International Airport from Costa Rica Thursday had to make an emergency landing after the pilot reported smoke on board.


The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office said the site where the plane went down, about 20 miles west of Boynton Beach, was only reachable by airboat. (Source: CBS4)

NTSB Investigating Deadly Plane Crash In Everglades

One man was killed when a private plane crashed in the Everglades on Saturday. The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office said the site where the plane went down, about 20 miles west of Boynton Beach, was only reachable by airboat.



FAA Ends Air Traffic Control Furloughs

Less than a week after the Federal Aviation Administration furloughed 10 percent of the nation’s air traffic controllers the agency has done an about face.