Fausto Lopez


Trooper Who Pulled Over Speeding Miami Cop In The Clear

The Florida Highway Patrol trooper who pulled over an off-duty Miami police officer who was driving more than 120 mph on the Florida Turnpike last October did not violate any department policies.



Exclusive: Lead-Footed Miami Cop Had Previous Complaint

Like many South Floridians, Jupiter resident Jonathan Hart has seen the controversial dash cam video, showing Florida Highway Patrol trooper Donna Watts chasing Miami Police officer Fausto Lopez at high speeds on the Turnpike in Hollywood in October.


Interim Miami Police Chief Manuel Orosa (Source: CBS4)

Miami Police Chief: There Is No Rift With The FHP

Miami’s interim police chief has called for an end to any retaliatory acts by his officers directed at the Florida Highway Patrol because of an incident last month in which a trooper pulled over an off duty Miami officer who was speeding on the Turnpike.



New Video Of Troopers Speeding Shows Growing Inter-Agency War

Recently released amateur video of two Florida Highway Patrol troopers apparently speeding down a highway appears to be the latest jab thrown at FHP.



Radio Calls Shed Light On Trooper Arrest Of Miami Officer

New radio transmissions shed light on the exchange between a Florida Highway Patrol trooper and an off-duty City of Miami officer after the officer was pulled over last month for speeding on the turnpike.



Miami Cops Challenge Trooper’s Arrest Of Officer

Some Miami police officers are furious that a Florida state trooper took a Miami cop down at gunpoint and put him in handcuffs after a high speed chase through Broward County.



Mia. Police Chief Calls High Speed Chase “A Knuckle-Headed” Mistake

Miami’s interim top cop is downplaying criminal charges brought against one of his officers who led a state trooper on a high speed chase captured on camera.



Ex-Police Chief Talks About Traffic Stop Of Cop

When Florida Highway Patrol Trooper D.J. Watts saw a marked Miami police car blaze past her earlier this month on the Turnpike in Hollywood, allegedly going more than 120 miles an hour, with no lights on or siren blaring, she rushed to stop him.



Marked Miami Police Car Pulled Over By FHP For Speeding

A City of Miami Police officer was pulled over by the Florida Highway Patrol after allegedly excessively speeding on the Turnpike.