Fast Facts

FAST FACTS: Haiti — A Nation Of Poverty

With a population of nearly 10 million people, the Republic of Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. -About 80 percent of the population lives below the poverty line. -Most Haitians […]


FAST FACTS: Portuguese Man-Of-War

The Portuguese Man-Of-War, known to most people as a jellyfish, is not a fish or even a single animal, but is actually a floating colony of four different organisms. They are different, though, than the […]


FAST FACTS: Protecting Plants From The Cold

Some delicate ornamental plants don’t tolerate the cold well, even if well above the freezing mark. Orchids, houseplants, and new plantings are particularly at risk in the chill. Here are some suggestions for showing a green […]


FAST FACTS: Safety Tips For Home Heating

(CBS4) — Too often, when the weather turns cool in South Florida preventable fires from heating systems end tragically. Using stoves or portable heaters in a makeshift fashion frequently pose the greatest threat. According to […]


FAST FACTS: The Four P’s Of Cold Weather Safety

(CBS4) — The “Four P’s” of cold weather safety: Protect People: Pay careful attention to children and the elderly. They are especially vulnerable to the cold and the least able to protect themselves. Dress in […]


FAST FACTS: Staying Safe During Flooding

(CBS4) — If you are at home: The safest place for you to stay is in your home. Unplug all electrical appliances, computers, TV, etc. Place towels at the bottom of all your exterior doors. It might […]


FAST FACTS: Beat The Heat

(CBS4) — South Florida weather is great, most of the time, but our heat and humidity can get the best of almost anyone. When the mercury goes above 90 it combines with our high humidity to […]


FAST FACTS: Shopping Safety Tips

(CBS4) — Law enforcement officials say they often see an increase in crime at shopping malls during the holiday season by people who see the season as an invitation to prey on others. Here are […]


FAST FACTS: Florida’s Safe Haven Law

(CBS4) — Fast Facts on Florida’s Safe Haven Law which allows a parent to leave a newborn baby at a hospital, fire station or emergency medical station, without fear of prosecution. *Age: 7 days old or […]


FAST FACTS:The Difference Between A Cold And The Flu

(CBS4) — The common cold and flu — both the seasonal and the new swine flu — are caused by different viruses but can have some similar symptoms, making them tough to tell apart. In […]