Juan Carlos Chavez (Source: CBS)

More Last Minute Appeals Possible Ahead Of Chavez Execution

The convicted murderer of nine-year-old Jimmy Ryce, Juan Carlos Chavez, has less than 19 hours to live and his lawyers are spending those hours fighting to extend his life through last minute appeals.

CBS Miami–02/11/2014


Justice For Jimmy Ryce Just Days Away

The kidnapping, rape and murder of Jimmy Ryce, 18-years-ago, shook South Florida to its core but on Wednesday, the man convicted of the horrific crime is set to be executed on Florida’s death row.

CBS Miami–02/10/2014

Execution gurney in Starke, Fla.

Florida Executes Man Who Killed S. Florida Couple & Guard

A man convicted of abducting and killing a Miami couple in 1974 and later stabbing a prison guard to death is set for execution at Florida State Prison, just one day after the Florida Supreme Court denied a state of execution.

CBS Miami–01/07/2014

Execution gurney in Starke, Fla.

Florida Supreme Court Denies Stay In Tuesday Execution

The Florida Supreme Court on Monday denied a stay in the execution of convicted murderer Askari Abdullah Muhammad, who is scheduled to die by lethal injection Tuesday at Florida State Prison.


Execution gurney in Starke, Fla.

Supreme Court Oks New Lethal Injection Procedure

Florida’s Supreme Court has unanimously agreed to the use of a new drug in executions. The argument was made by an inmate on death row who killed a prison guard while in prison for two other murders.


Execution gurney in Starke, Fla.

Florida Executes Inmate Darius Kimbrough

Florida death row inmate Darius Kimbrough was executed Tuesday.


William Happ is set to be executed for the murder of Angie Crowley in 1986.  (Source: Florida Department of Corrections)

Illinois Woman’s Murderer To Be Executed In Florida

Angie Crowley was making her first long trip through Florida on Memorial Day weekend in 1986 and was taking extra care to make sure she’d arrive OK.


Marshall Lee Gore Source: Department of Corrections

Serial Killer/Rapist Gore Executed Tuesday

After 23 years on Florida’s death row, Marshall Lee Gore, a former escort service owner who killed two women, was executed by lethal injection Tuesday evening.


(Source: www.myfloridalegal.com) Attorney General Pam Bondi

Bondi Apologizes For Execution Request Delay

Governor Rick Scott, at Attorney General Pam Bondi’s request, delayed the execution of a convicted killer. The reason for delay was not known at first, but it was later revealed that the postponement was because of a scheduled campaign fundraiser.


Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

FL Attorney General Says Execution Delay Was Wrong

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is speaking out about the delay of an execution date of a former escort service owner saying it was wrong to do so because of a campaign fundraiser.