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Florida Finances Expected To Remain In Good Shape

Florida’s economy will likely remain in good shape for the next few years, according to state economists .


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Report: Economists Warn Of Global Wine Shortage

Most Americans can deal with a shortage of different items, but the latest warning from economists on a shortage could lead to some mass spread whining.

CBS Miami–10/30/2013

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State Economists Preparing Budget Forecasts

Florida economists will meet Friday to draw up their forecasts on exactly how much money the state is expected to collect in taxes over the next few years.

CBS Miami–08/09/2013


Job Creation Remains Weak

While the unemployment rate has slowly been ticking downward across the country and in the Sunshine State, the number of new jobs being added to the economy continues to dwindle.

CBS Miami–05/01/2013

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Florida Estimates Obamacare To Cost $5.2 Billion Over Next Decade

Florida economists are now projecting that the total cost to Florida taxpayers for the Affordable Care Act will be approximately $5.2 billion over the next decade.

CBS Miami–03/07/2013

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Florida Economists: Growth To Continue Next Three Years

Proof that Florida’s economy is recovering the recession: state tax collections are up, and Florida economists are predicting that tax revenue will continue to grow over the next three years.



FL Jobless Numbers Fall As Unemployed Drop Out Of Work Force

new job report released Tuesday by the state of Florida show unemployment rates are dropping, but not for reasons you may think.


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State Grapples Over How Much Casinos Would Bring In

As the fight over proposed destination casinos hits the state legislature; preliminary estimates from the state say the move could bring in more than $100 million to the state in the first year.


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State May Run Budget Surplus In 2012

Florida lawmakers will convene a joint legislative panel Wednesday to hear from state economists on a new three-year financial outlook for the state budget.


Earnings Reality Check

Mixed Bag In Jobs Report

The Labor Department’s latest unemployment numbers for January brought good news and bad news to economists looking for signs the Great Recession is coming to an end.