Denver Jarvis

(Source: CBS4) Matthew Bent in court.

Preliminary Jury Selection Underway In Brewer Burning Case

The long process of finding impartial jurors in the Michael Brewer case is underway. Matthew Bent was one of three teens who were charged with setting Brewer on fire nearly three years.


(Source: CBS4) Matthew Bent in court.

Jury Selection To Begin Over Michael Brewer Burning

It’s been more than 18 months since Deerfield Beach teenager Michael Brewer was set on fire at an apartment complex. This week, jury selection will begin for the only alleged attacker who hasn’t taken a plea bargain, Matthew Bent, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.


(Source: CBS4) Matthew Bent in court.

Matthew Bent Ruled Competent, Will Face Jury In Broward County

Broward County Judge Michael Robinson has ruled Matthew Bent, the alleged ringleader in the fiery attack of Michael Brewer in 2009, is competent to stand trial and that the jurors in the trial would be from Broward County.


(Source: CBS4) Matthew Bent in court.

Lawyer For Teen Accused In Michael Brewer Attack Wants Trial Moved

An attorney for Matthew bent, the alleged ringleader in the 2009 fiery attack on Michael Brewer, has filed a motion for a change of venue for trial because of heavy local media coverage.


(Source: CBS4) Matthew Bent in court.

Trial For Teen In Michael Brewer Case Delayed

Jury selection may or may not get underway Monday in the trial of Matthew Bent, one of three teens charged with setting Michael Brewer on fire in October 2009.


(Source: CBS4) Matthew Bent in court.

Suspect In Brewer Burning Case Seeks Juvenile Status

The final suspect in one of South Florida’s most horrific rimes, the burning of Michael Brewer, is seeking transfer to juvenile court rather than prosecution as an adult.


(Source: Broward State Attorney's Office) Jesus Mendez interrogation.

Confession Tape Released Of Teen Who Burned Michael Brewer

“I was barely close to him and it lit,” described a teenager at the center of one of South Florida’s most horrific crimes, the burning of Michael Brewer.


Jesus Mendez (left) and Denver Jarvis have been sentenced for their part in the fiery attack on Michael Brewer in October 2009. (Source: CBS4)

Two Of Michael Brewer’s Attackers Sentenced

Two of the three teens accused of setting Deerfield Beach teen on fire will be spending the next few years behind bars.


Michael Brewer was set on fire by three teenagers in October 2009. (Source: CBS4)

3 Accused In Teen Burning Case To Get Separate Trials

The three teenagers accused of setting Michael Brewer on fire will each have separate trials. All of the parties involved agreed Thursday morning to holding three individual trials for Matthew Bent, Denver Jarvis and Jesus Mendez.


Matthew Bent  (Source: Broward Sheriff's Office)

Teen In Michael Brewer Case Asks For Bail

A Deerfield Beach teen accused of taking part in setting Michael Brewer on fire wants out of jail on bond.




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