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James Avery Of ‘Fresh Prince’ Fame Dead At 68

James Avery, the bulky character actor who laid down the law at home and on the job as the Honorable Philip Banks in “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” has died.

CBS Miami–01/02/2014


A Night Inside Ryder Trauma Center

A little before midnight on a recent Friday, paramedics from the City of Miami brought in a man who had been found passed out in a Dumpster. Whether the man crawled into the Dumpster on his own or was tossed inside by others wasn’t clear.


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Fla. Infant Mortality Rate Drops To Record Low

Florida’s infants are surviving life-threatening diseases at its highest rate on record.

CBS Miami–08/02/2012

(Source: CBS4) - A car smashed into the side of a Hollyhood home just a few hours after the Miami-Dade commission passed it's shopping center barricade ordinance.The new law would provide no protection in cases like this.

Miami-Dade Commission To Require Shopping Center Barricades

Miami-Dade county has been called the place where any problem can be solved by the jerk of a knee, and Tuesday, Miami-Dade commissioners found a new twitch. In 10 days, the county plans to require shopping centers to put barricades between cars and shoppers to prevent out-of-control drivers from driving into storefronts.


Tropical Storm Debby Causes Coastal Flooding On Florida's Gulf Coast

Tropical Storm Debby Blamed For Near Record Tornadoes

If you think South Florida was spared for the most part by Tropical Storm Debby, think again. The National Weather Service says the drenching tropical system produced 10 tornadoes over the southern part of Florida, tying a record set almost half a century ago.


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Traffic Fatalities At Three-Decade Low In Florida

Preliminary figures released Wednesday from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles show crash fatalities fall for the sixth year straight.


Workers assemble the stoves that will benefit their production. (Source: CBS4)

Social Innovations, Inventions Save Lives

The power of social innovation is most impressive when people come up with ways to make the simplest things so much easier for those around the world who have nothing. CBS4’s Jorge Estevez. reports on devices that you would never think could actually save lives.


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Gov. Scott Wants To Kill ‘Pill Mill’ Database

South Florida is known as the “pill mill” capital yet Gov. Rick Scott wants to repeal the state’s yet-to-be-implemented prescription drug tracking law that’s designed to crack down on “pill mills”.


Hialeah Death

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning To Blame For Teen Deaths

A room at a Hialeah motel revealed a tragedy Monday afternoon, after five men were discovered dead inside.


CPSC Drop-Side Crib Danger

Drop-Side Cribs Banned

By a unanimous vote Wednesday in Washington, the CPSC enacted the toughest rules ever to ban so-called drop side cribs and make sure new models are a lot safer than the older ones.