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Exclusive: CBS4 Obtains Recorded Call Between Accused Rabbi & Victim’s MotherCBS4 has obtained the audio recording of a controlled call made under police supervision between a rabbi accused of molestation and the mother of the child. During the call, the rabbi maintains his innocence.
GOP Presidential Hopefuls Take The Stage At Florida SummitRepublican presidential hopefuls are taking the stage and speaking during a two-day summit in Orlando.
Police: Teen Confesses After Two County ChaseLocal law enforcement chased a vehicle through Miami-Dade and Broward County on Tuesday for more than an hour before ending in Miami Gardens.
Never Toss Your Airline Boarding PassWhether you use an app on your phone or print out your airline tickets, more often than not you get a boarding pass at the airport.
Public Health Officials Want More Regulation Of Energy DrinksEnergy drinks promise to pump us up with a just a few sips. They continue to grow in popularity, and that concerns public health officials.
Father's Fight For Safer Pools Heads To Daytona BeachA father's fight for safer pools in Florida heads to Daytona Beach.
Local Lawyer Discusses Daily Fantasy Football FiascoIf you have watched a game on television in the last two months, chances are you've seen one of those daily fantasy sports ads.
Rechargeable Power Cells May Have Hidden DangerSmart phones and tablets have become essential tools in our everyday lives, and so to have accessories like battery packs that help keep those devices charged. But, could some of them be packing a hidden danger?
Man With Checkered Past Turns To Crowdfunding To Launch New AirlineA Las Vegas man was in South Florida is attempting to launch a new airline. He is planning $19 airfares, free WI-FI and bags fly free. Sound too good to be true? CBS4's David Sutta thought so and looked into it.
Chip Card Deadline A Day AwayBeginning Thursday, making a purchase with your credit card should be a lot safer - if.
Exploding Glass Doors A Growing ProblemA routine, nighttime, shower ended with an emergency room visit for a 9-year-old boy after his glass shower door suddenly shattered.
Virtual Reality Used To Sell Real Vacations, Real EstateThey are calling it the next version of websites - virtual reality. If they are right, you will be buying everything from vacations to real estate virtually.
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