Credit Card Scam

Dynamics Inc.  designing a hacker proof credit card. (Source: CBS)

Hacker-Proof Credit Card Technology

Whether it’s Target, Neiman Marcus or Michael’s, customers whose credit card or debit card information was stolen by hackers feel violated and are left watching their accounts like a hawk. So, the idea of a more secure system is understandably appealing.


Check Your Credit Card Statements

Consumers Warned Of New $9.84 Credit Card Scam

If you’ve been looking at your bank statements and notice a strange charge of $9.84 that you can’t remember making, it likely came from a crook, according to a new alert from the Better Business Bureau.

CBS Miami–01/28/2014

Three people were injured in a shooting at a Downtown Miami condominium over the weekend. (Source: CBS4)

Credit Card Scam May Be Linked To Miami Condo Shooting

A shooting over the weekend at a luxury Miami condo may have something to do with a credit card scam operation going on in one of the units.


Alin Velcu (top left), Antonio Dumitru (top right) and Neamtu Vaduva (bottom)  allegedly placed small portable card-reading devices, known as “skimming” devices, over or inside of the mouth of the card slot of ATM machines.  (Source: FBI)

FBI Searching For Trio Suspected In ATM Scam

The search continues for three men accused of being part of a scam which “skimmed” hundreds of credit and debit cards in South Florida.