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Coral Reef

US President Barack Obama jokingly shakes hands with First Lady Michelle Obama as he arrives to speaks after visiting a classroom at Coral Reef High School in Miami, Florida on March 7, 2014. (Source: ANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Teacher Says Anti-Obama Views Got Him Banned From Attending Speech

When President Barack Obama appeared at Coral Reef High School, he was met with applause and cheers. But at least one Coral Reef Senior High teacher said his dislike of Obama kept him from attending the president’s speech.

CBS Miami–03/12/2014

Spencer Slates watches a coral head off Key Largo in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary releases gametes late Monday, Aug. 27, 2013, during an annual ritual called coral spawning that provides coral reefs the opportunity to reproduce. Photo by Frazier Nivens, Florida Keys News Bureau.

Keys’ Divers Witness “Sex On The Reef” Phenomenon

Divers in the Florida Keys have become subsea voyeurs of sort, witnessing a fascinating yet fragile annual reproductive phenomenon on coral reefs.


(Source: AP)

Electrified Coral Reef Seeks To Boost Marine Conservation

A solar-powered, electrified coral reef experiment aims to help marine conservation.

CBS Miami–08/11/2012

(Source: AP)

Lawmakers Venture To Keys Undersea Lab

A group of South Florida lawmakers put on their wetsuits Saturday and dove down under in the Keys to raise awareness about the future of Aquarius.


(Source: AP)

Budget Cuts Threaten To Close Undersea Keys Lab

The last publicly-funded undersea research lab to closely monitor a coral reef may be closing.

CBS Miami–07/20/2012


Divers, Snorkelers Flock To Keys For Underwater Music Festival

You listen to it in your car, on your phone and while you exercise. On Saturday, a few people in the Keys even listened to music underwater.

CBS Miami–07/14/2012

(Source: AP)

Nova’s New Coral Reef Research Center To Open This Fall

Just off Florida’s shore lies one of its greatest resources – a living coral reef. This fall, Nova Southeastern University is set to open a new coral reef research center at Port Everglades.


(Source: AP)

Stimulus Money Stimulates Florida’s Coral Reef Restoration

Federal stimulus money is being used to help stimulate the growth of coral reef along Florida shores in a massive restoration effort.



Diving For Tires Off The South Florida Coast

It started with the best of intentions, take tires filling up landfills and use them to create an artificial reef. After pouring more than a million tires off our coastline the organizers quickly realized they had made a huge environmental mistake.


Christopher Lardner is shown here in a yearbook photo. (Source: Lardner family)

Student Recovering After Beating At Basketball Game

The family of a Coral Reef High School student is speaking out following a basketball brawl that landed their teenage boy in intensive care.