Commissioner Diaz

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M-D Commission Approves Prayer Before Meetings

Miami-Dade Commissioners may have invited a lawsuit from the American Civil Liberties Union when the commission voted Tuesday to replace a moment of silence held before meetings with a prayer.

CBS Miami–12/05/2012

(Source: CBS4) - A car smashed into the side of a Hollyhood home just a few hours after the Miami-Dade commission passed it's shopping center barricade ordinance.The new law would provide no protection in cases like this.

Miami-Dade Commission To Require Shopping Center Barricades

Miami-Dade county has been called the place where any problem can be solved by the jerk of a knee, and Tuesday, Miami-Dade commissioners found a new twitch. In 10 days, the county plans to require shopping centers to put barricades between cars and shoppers to prevent out-of-control drivers from driving into storefronts.


(Source: Lissette Gonzalez/CBS4) 87th Avenue in Doral

Businesses In Doral Still Dealing With High Flood Waters

Several businesses in Doral have seen much better days than Wednesday. All along 79th Street, parking lots were full, but not with customers’ cars.



Kindness Overtakes Sweetwater Gas Station

Driving through the mean streets of South Florida, kindness can be tough to find. But drivers in Sweetwater caught a “kind” break Monday that helped them return to the road in a much better mood.