Claudine Ryce

Juan Carlos Chavez (Source: CBS)

Justice For Jimmy: A Look Back At The Chavez Trial

“It’s been a long, long time coming,” said the father of Jimmy Ryce, upon learning that Wednesday, February 12th is the day the man who kidnapped, raped, murdered and dismembered his 9-year-old son, will be put to death.

CBS Miami–02/11/2014

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‘Strength’ Defines Jimmy Ryce’s Father & Brother

Don Ryce is ready to step into the witness room and see Juan Carlos Chavez pay the ultimate price for the gruesome murder of his 9-year-old son Jimmy.



Justice For Jimmy Ryce Just Days Away

The kidnapping, rape and murder of Jimmy Ryce, 18-years-ago, shook South Florida to its core but on Wednesday, the man convicted of the horrific crime is set to be executed on Florida’s death row.

CBS Miami–02/10/2014

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Jimmy Ryce’s Father Plans To Attend Execution

For the father of a Jimmy Ryce, February 12th he has been waiting for since 1995. Don Ryce says he’s grateful that Gov. Rick Scott has set an execution date for his son’s killer.

CBS Miami–01/03/2014

(Source: CBS4) Gunner the bloodhound

Ryce Foundation Funding For Bloodhounds Running Out

It was a simple mission. Give police agencies the right tools to find missing children. When Don and Claudine Ryce started the non-profit Jimmy Ryce Foundation in 1996, a year after their son was murdered, they started donating bloodhounds to law enforcement agencies. But the money funding the donations has started to dry up.

CBS Miami–03/07/2013

(Source: The Miami Herald/GENEVIEVE ETKIN)

Sister Of Child Miami Murder Victim Jimmy Ryce Dead At Age 35

Martha Ryce, a Redland native who dedicated her life to advocate for missing children after the murder of her brother Jimmy Ryce, has died at the age of 35.


(Source: CBS4) Gunner the bloodhound

Police Looking For Missing K9 Search Dog ‘Gunner’

He’s the one you want on a case when someone in missing, but now police are asking for the public’s help in finding Gunner the K9 bloodhound who vanished from his home.


(Source: CBS4) Gunner the bloodhound

Bloodhound To Bring Scent Skills To Sweetwater

The latest addition to the City of Sweetwater’s police department doesn’t carry a gun or a night stick, but if a child is reported missing he’s the one you want on the case.