(Source: CBS4)

2013: The Year That Was In South Florida

Florida courthouses took center stage in 2013, especially with the eyes of the nation glued to the George Zimmerman trial in Sanford.


Two people are dead after a helicopter crash in SW Miami-Dade. (CBS4)

Helicopter Model Involved In Fatal Crash Has Troubling Track Record

The same model helicopter that crashed Wednesday in a Southwest Miami-Dade parking lot, killing its two passengers, has a devastating past that prompted the manufacturer to issue an order to fix to the fuel tanks.


A large bird struck a Miami-Dade Police helicopter, crashed through the windshield and struck the pilot in the face. (Source: CBS4)

Large Bird Strikes Miami-Dade Police Chopper, Injures Pilot

The pilot of a Miami-Dade police helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing after a large bird crashed into the windshield, causing injury to the pilot.


An accident on the Palmetto Expressway closed down both lanes Friday during rush hour. (Source: CBS4)

Palmetto Expressway Reopens Following Accident

Both lanes of the Palmetto Expressway were shut down Friday afternoon following an accident that injured at least two people.