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Rush To Rescue Sinking Barge Off Miami Beach

It’s a wait and see situation on the high seas as the U.S. Coast Guard and Boat Tow US keep a close watch on a barge taking on water off Miami Beach.


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Thirteen Charged With Smuggling Drugs Into Port Everglades

Thirteen people have been charged with conspiring to commit an elaborate scheme by importing heroin and cocaine into the United States through Port Everglades.



S. Fla. Shipping Company Asking For Donated Goods For Bahamas

The main cargo carrier between the U.S.and Bahamas is shipping donated goods to those in need throughout the islands, and they’re asking South Florida residents to assist.


Miami firefighters attempt to save a man trapped in a cargo container truck.

Man Dies Trapped In Cargo Container In Key Biscayne

A man trapped in a sweltering hot cargo container on Key Biscayne has apparently died despite the best efforts of fire rescue crews.


2012 U.S. Budget

Obama Budget Blues Hit Port Of Miami

President Obama shook up South Florida leaders when his federal budget blueprint came out Monday and did not include money for a dredge project for the Port of Miami.


Highway Hijackers Target Cargo

It’s become the new Miami vice. Cocaine Cowboys turned to Highway Hijackers, and it is now the costliest crime in America.

This crime means more in losses in America than every robbery, larceny, grand theft and burglary combined, but few people have ever heard about it.

The CBS4 I-Team uncovered what some cops call America’s next big Homeland Security crisis.